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Mom's day off? Probably not ...

marle prinsloo

I am so happy that Heritage Day fell on a Sunday this year, resulting in Monday being a public holiday today. I was super excited about the day "off", but as we all know, moms seldom enjoy that luxury. 

That said, it is still a wonderful opportunity to relax, have some fun and spend some time with the little ones. Here are a few of my favourite home-based activities for days like today:

Walks and mini picnic treats

I love taking short walks with my girls. They love to explore, which  means a 10 minute walk often takes more than an hour. But, it is great to be outdoors and I always make sure to take a small blanket and some treats for a picnic treat along the way. 


We love spending time outside in the garden, especially this time of year. A few months ago, we planted our own vegetable garden and it's been wonderful to see our 'crops' grow. My girls love to 'help out', but in general they simply enjoy running around in the garden, picking flowers, jumping on their little trampoline, and more.

Farm Yard Fun

We are lucky enough to have a few farm yards to choose from very close to home. We all have lots of fun petting and feeding the animals.


It's a bit messy, but still good fun. I am not the best baker, but give me a ready-mix box and I am set to bake up a storm. 

Home movie time

I love animated films ... and lucky for me, so does my girls. We love to lie on the floor, cuddled under a blanket, watching Frozen, Finding Nemo, Boss Baby, you name it ... for the tenth time. 

Leisurely afternoon naps

I know this sounds incredibly boring, but afternoon naps are a real treat and my favourite way to relax. I try my best to plan that my girls' afternoon nap times are synced and 'bribe' them to take a nap with a storybook and bottles of rooibos-tea. 

So, while reading a book or going to the spa is not on the cards for me today, I am looking forward to a great day with my family. Hope you will have a good one too!



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